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Vista Image Server

The Vista network imaging station is a digital still-image acquisition system. Vista captures live video into bitmapped images solely by request from remote application S/W which trigger the acquisition. The images are immediately stored on your network based on the names you supply. Vista is composed of both an imaging station and ActiveX API.

Basic operation

When the puck and pill bottle has arrived under the camera it is momentarily held there while our ActiveX API sends a request for an image to the Vista imaging station. After the image is successfully captured with its given name to the desired network location, your application will send the puck on its way. The images are collected and held until the entire order has been verified by the PV station software. After which the PV station will then delete the completed and verified scripts' captured images.

When your application requests an image, it is sent to the Vista imaging station via the ActiveX API using the SnapImage(ImageFile) function. The ActiveX API handles all the communications between the Vista imaging station while providing notification to application that the transaction completed successfully. If unsuccessful, an error code is returned that can be used to point to an error description table for exception handling and/or error logging. The response from the Vista imaging station may come immediately or with a varying delay (est. 1-3 seconds depending on network traffic). Therefore the application programmer will query the StillExecuting variable before querying the status of the SnapImage(ImageFile) function and handling the result.

Open Architecture

The Vista imaging station can optionally accommodate various kinds of image requests. In addition to the image path and name, your application can specify info such as:

Image format (such as JPEG, BMP, PCX,), image dimensions and aspect ratio (such as width, height), color resolution, and compression level quality settings.

Example of Vista ActiveX API Variables:

  • Vista.RequesterID     ** Multiple #s Supported
  • Vista.ImageStationID  ** Multiple #s Supported
  • Vista.CameraID        ** Multiple #s Supported
  • Vista.ImageFormat
  • Vista.ImageWidth
  • Vista.ImageHeight
  • Vista.BitsPerPixel
  • Vista.CompressionLevel ** If using JPEG Format
  • Vista.StillExecuting   ** Async C/S Process Contrl
  • Vista.SnapImage(image) ** Success=0 and Fail<0
  • Error codes: -1 to -99


Multiple Vista imaging stations can be installed that handle requests from multiple requesting clients while controlling multiple cameras. For these operations the Vista ActiveX API accepts additional data such as, Requester ID, Image Station ID, and Camera ID. These values typically initialize to their basic single station, single requester defaults but can be overridden at any time prior to an image acquisition. Again these are not required and are simply made available for your future network imaging needs.

Final Notes

** Vista is purely transactional and in no instance does Vista send unrequested images. In other words Vista is not a Real-Time Digital Video product, but instead is an image acquisition station based on triggered requests over your existing network

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